I just saw in a Bart Smit toystore that the latest and long awaiting Duke Nukem will be available on PSP by Novenber 30th ! Woohoo ! At last !
I wonder when the game will be available on PC ?
It’s a MUST-HAVE game !

We would like to welcome ThomASS joining the TMNF Racing Team !
Good to have you on the team !

TMNF PRO server is down for maintenance.
The old L00S3RS server is online during the downtime. Have fun !

You can now see the server status of all game servers, including number of players…
Enjoy !

I created a new template for the new site.
Colours and menu could change, but header is final.
What do you think of it ?

What categories shall I enter ?

I’m working on this new website for all to enjoy and there is a new Trackmania Nations Forever Server !